About TweetPush

Are you an iPhone developer?
Do you use Twitter?

Then you need TweetPush!

TweetPush is your own Personal Twitter Push Notification System (PTPNS)

Now you too can take advantage of firmware 3.0's most talked about feature, Push Notifications, to never miss out on messages to you on Twitter.

TweetPush will not flood your iPhone with every tweet in your timeline, but instead notify you of mentions and direct messages.

To help not max out on your API calls, TweetPush uses Twitter's search system to look for new mentions, which doesn't count against your API calls. Your API calls are saved for direct message's and your normal twitter use.

As you run the server component yourself, a Apple iPhone Developer Account is required, but since it's open source you are free to customize and expand it as you wish!

Mercurial Clone URL:

Getting started with Mercurial:
Bitbucket's Getting Started With Mercurial Guide

System Requirements

1. iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 or later
2. Apple iPhone Developer Account with a Push Notifications Provisioning Profile
3. Server or personal computer with a constant internet connection and Python 2.6

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